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Summer Scripture Meditation Series 

Have you ever wanted to start a scriptural meditation practice?  

Join us for an eight-week exploration of scriptural meditation tailored to help you develop your own practice that fits your schedule.

June 13 - August 7, 2022

God invites us to be still and know.  One pathway to growing this intimate relationship with God is to use scriptural meditation.  In this 8-week summer series you will receive everything you need to begin, or further develop, your daily time with God and God's Word.  



  • An audio recording of a new guided scripture meditation each week.

  • A weekly calendar that provides scripture readings for each day of that week.

  • A 5-minute guided stretch video per week that you can use to deepen the experience through movement.

  • A meditation music playlist designed to accompany your meditation time throughout the week.  The playlists will be curated by Kristy and shared using Spotify each week.



  • We will meet LIVE on Zoom from 9:30-10:00 AM each Wednesday morning throughout the series.  During this time, we will stretch and meditate together as a group.  In case you cannot attend live, these gatherings will be recorded and shared with all registered participants.  IF YOU LIKE PLAY & PRAY, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!  

  • A downloadable tracker designed for this series that allows you to record your progress and journal about the experience.


This special summer series is offered for $97. 

Receive a 10% discount if you are a JoyDance Enthusiast Member.


Ready To Register? 

Sign-up HERE.

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