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Each JoyDance embraces a new theme or concept.  This inspiration is present in the scripture, meditation and music.  There is so much wonderful music produced by talented artists!  Here are just a few samples of some of the types of music we love to be inspired by during JoyDance.  I encourage you to support these amazing artists by exploring their music on your own. 

Playlist Theme:  Turning A New Leaf
Date: 1/6/2020
Scripture:  Isaiah 43: 19 & Philippians 1:6

Playlist Theme:  Seeking the Sunshine
Date: 1/13/2020
Scripture:  Psalm 84 (The Passion Translation)

Playlist Theme:  Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Date: 1/20/2020
Reading:  Excerpts from "Keep Moving from this Mountain" and "Loving Your Enemies" 

Playlist Theme:  Patience - born of Faith, Hope and Love
Date: 1/27/2020
Reading: personal reflection

Playlist Theme:  This is Getting Real
Date: 2/3/2020
Scripture: Mark 10: 13-16 & personal reflection 

Playlist Theme: Women of the Church Retreat
Date: 2/29/2020 & 3/23/20
Scripture: Ephesians 3: 14-19

Playlist Theme: Hope (at home)
Date: 3/30/20
Scripture: Romans 15:13 (The Passion Translation)

Playlist Theme:  Sparrows
Date: 4/6/20
Readings:  Lyrics from "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" and "Hallelujah Sing"

Playlist Theme: Love
Date: 4/13/20
Readings:  Quote from Mother Teresa & Danna Faulds "Walk Slowly"

Playlist Theme: Golden Scars
Date: 4/20/20
Scripture & Readings:  Luke 24:39, article from Magnolia Magazine, John Welwood poem "Forget About Enlightenment"

Playlist Theme: Love One Another
Date: 4/27/20
Scripture & Readings:  1 John 4: 7-10 & Mechthild of Magdeburg Poem

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